Meet the Band

Alyson Harms:

Alyson is an accomplished vocalist and mom of two!  Since her first performance at 8 yrs old at church,  Alyson has fronted many bands in the Nashville, Baltimore/DC and Wisconsin  areas and was a top 10 finalist on NBC’s Nashville Star.

Singing and recording in the Nashville area for 10 years provided many opportunities for Alyson to pursue her love of music and travel all around the country.  Alyson's exceptional talent  and dynamic voice is the absolute perfect fit for 33RPM!

Harry Ipsarides:

Harry is a top veteran of the Wisconsin area music scene, playing electric & acoustic guitar and vocals in several successful WAMI nominated cover and tribute bands throughout the years.  Harry started on acoustic guitar at 9 years old and then moved into electric for both rhythm and lead guitar work.  Harry's musicianship  in combination with 33rpm's other lead guitarist (Dan) is the perfect musical compliment that makes 33rpm work so well.  Every song a "tribute".

Dan Doering:

Dan is an experienced & accomplished Wisconsin area musician  who's earned a well-deserved reputation as an exceptional rock guitarist.  Dan also works his creative muscle with several original scores.   Dan's careful attention to detail and amazing dexterity serves 33rpm very well in recreating the best classic rock ever recorded.

Scott Kozlik:

Scott is an amazing musician who's roots have grown deep in a diverse set of musical backgrounds.  Detailed and precise, his experience in several Wisconsin bands &  tributes result in an immense  toolbox of bass styles and licks.   

Dan Palmisano:

Dan is an accomplished keyboard musician with many years of experience playing nationwide, and a Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) nominee.  His technical aptitude, attention to detail, and exceptional talent on keyboards and vocals make him an invaluable asset to 33rpm.

Brian Bruendl:

Brian is an exceptional musician.  He has been playing drums since 1983.  Brian also plays guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, and keyboards, and does live sound engineering as well as drum and percussion repair.  He's also a songwriter and operates a home recording studio where he records demos for up and coming bands as well as for his own projects.  Brian's expertise and musical influences establishes a perfect pairing  to help 33rpm bring the heartbeat & soul to this outstanding cover band.