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Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals

I started playing guitar when I was around 9, and had a huge assist from my school teacher who ran an after-school guitar-club in middle school. He was real rocker in a local cover band called Day Break. It was then I really started learning to play lead.

I grew up on Beatles, Zeppelin, Styx, Kiss (I know, I know, but I really dug ‘em) and have always been into progressive hard rock like Rush, Genesis, Yes, Kansas, Emerson Lake and Palmer, etc. Lately I am really into a great progressive rock band from the UK called Porcupine Tree. Check em out.

The bands and types of music I’ve played over the years vary wildly, but I think I am a better player because of it. I was in a band called Act 5 in the 80’s playing all the top 40 hits of the period. Act 5 worked hard for a number of years building a draw and ended up one the hottest and most current dance bands around. Billy Ocean? Huey Lewis anyone? I've also played with Exhibit A, Class Action, and was in a band called The Rockerfellers in the mid 90’s. There were a few hard rock side projects along the way (where my heart really is) doing things like a Jethro Tull tribute, Zeppelin, and other things. One of the most enjoyable side projects was a band called Cold Turkey doing a wide variety of hard rock stuff that included Pearl Jam, Green Day, AC/DC, Nirvana, etc.

I can tell you I am honored to be back with a couple of old friends here in 33rpm and making a couple new ones too. I think we’ve put something special together and are having a lot of fun. C’mon out and see us!

Favorite bands:     Rush, Porcupine Tree

Favorite Movie:     Alien, Aliens,
                             The Big Lebowski

Guilty Pleasure:     Bread (not the food)