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Bass Guitar

Brian was born sometime in the mid 20th century in the small village of Durtburg in the Bavarian Alps. His parents, Hans and Gertrude, had always dreamed of moving to the U.S. to make a better life for themselves. They decided to move immediately after he was born because they were struggling to make ends meet there and didn't want Brian to have to go through life with an annoying German accent.

They settled in Van Nuys, California where Hans tried to make a go of it as an actor. With his rugged good looks he instead became a male model. He was used in advertising mostly but is most famous for being the model for one of the Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots (the blue one). His acting dream was finally realized when he won the role of the original Mayor McCheese in the early Ronald McDonald commercials. Hans was also a prolific inventor and in his spare time invented such household staples such as the "Spaghetti-O", the "Chia Herb Garden" and acid reflux.

Brian inherited his musical skills from his mother, Gertrude. Back in the Alps, Gertrude was a premier yodeler and a master on the spoons. She also wrote commercial jingles. In the U.S. she wrote the melody and lyrics of the commercial for "The Clapper". Brian's earliest childhood musical memory was of his mother yodeling while playing the spoons on his head.

Soon Brian was also playing the spoons and as a teenager decided to join a rock'n roll outfit. When he discovered that there weren't any bands that wanted a spoon player, he decided to change instruments. Conventional wisdom would dictate that he transition to the drums, but it didn't quite work out that way. 
    "I was originally going to take up the drums, but when I found out that you had to use all of your limbs to play the kit, it sounded like too much work. Plus, do you know how much them things cost? No thanks!"  So instead, he took up the bass guitar. 
    "Some guy in a band told me that the easiest instrument to play was the bass guitar so I thought I'd give it a try. And you know what, it's great! You only have to use your 2 hands most of the time. Every once and a while you have to use a foot to hit a switch or 2, but if you're playing open strings, you're only using one hand! And you only have 4 strings to play, not 6 like a stupid guitar, and the bonus is they're pretty cheap."
    So Brian started studying the bass players of his favorite bands. "Peter Tork of 'The Monkees' was a big influence on me, but his playing was later overshadowed, I think, by monster bassists like Droopy from 'The Banana Splits' and Danny Partridge from 'The Partridge Family'. After a bittersweet divorce from his brief marraige to adult film actress Barbara Dare in the late '80s, Brian moved to the Milwaukee area where he now resides.  He worked at the Oreck Co. testing vacuum cleaners until 2006 and now works for the Milwaukee County Zoo. 
    "I got a job at Oreck testing their damn vacuum cleaners, but that job sucked so I eventually quit. Now I work at the Zoo cleaning cages. It's a crappy job and the pay stinks."

Brian's been in many bands since the mid '80s. "None of them were all that good." In late 2007, Brian met up with the other members of 33rpm, and the rest is history.
Fun Facts:  
Like his father Hans, Brian also has a penchant for acting and starred in the blockbuster film, 'The Lord of the Rings III; The Return of the King'. "I was Orc #71 in that movie. I'm in the battle scene near the end of the movie. I'm in the 2nd row immediately behind the siege tower in the upper right hand of the screen. You can't miss me."  Besides acting, Brian's other hobbies are curling, thumb twiddling and lying.


Basses:    Yes
Amps:      Yes
Effects:    I try to have a positive effect on the music.