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I have to say that music is a great part of my soul. I knew early on that I would be a musician somehow or some way.  Apparently the drums were the means of transportation to my musicianship.  I enjoy all styles of music, but I will always lean to the more challenging mathematical type of music that us drummers seem to gravitate to. My influences come from all different styles and groups.  Early in life I was into Three Dog Night, Simon and Garfunkel, Chicago, America, and even Jim Croce.   In my teens I started to enjoy more complicated music.  After school I would get behind my drums to jam to bands like Rush, Kansas, Genesis, Led Zeppelin, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Yes and so on.

I have no particular favorite musician or band in general. I believe it is the pure variety and different flavors and textures that come from each musician or band that I enjoy the most.

Musically I have enjoyed writing and creating original music over the better part of the last 4 years. My biggest musical accomplishment I would say is doing numerous tributes to some of our favorite bands such as; Led Zeppelin, The Guess Who, The Who, America, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull and some I probably forgot about.

Pet Peave:  Today the music industry sucks ass. There is no new good music being produced at least we are not being exposed to it. Whatever happened to Super Groups? Whatever happened to well written intricate songs? Are those days gone forever and we are stuck listening to the same hits over and over? The music industry, record labels and radio stations should be ashamed.

Things I enjoy:  Harley riding, ATVing, riding my antique tractor, snow skiing, big fast boats , fast cars and fine food - let’s not forget my Italian heritage.

My favorite movies:  Good Fellas/ all James Bond 007 movies.  Let’s not forget the infamous comedy of Austin Powers. “Do I make you Randy… do I”?

Final Note: I hope you all will get the chance to see our new band 33RPM.  We have a great variety of music from the days when I believe music was at its best.   I am fortunate to be playing with a number of extremely talented musicians here and would love to share these great songs with all of you.


Bill Russo